Sunday, January 27, 2013

I have moved!

Just to let you all know, I'm still writing, but I've moved to deviantart. So get check it out. My username is Iheartscience, so go!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New And A Poem

I was going to start a new blog. I clicked the new blog button and was about to come up with an incredibly brilliant blog name, but I couldn't. I don't want to give up on this blog. I know I haven't posted in forever and I know I'm bad, but I won't stop. So, here's a new poem.

You put my life in a box and shipped it away
The years were packed up, day by day
I'd be sad, if they mattered at all
Winters and summers, springs and falls
You had papers piled high, tables and racks
Weeks, days, months, all in little stacks
I put my thoughts in a box and sent it to sea
It sailed the world and came back to me
There were stories in there that weren't mine
Some spoke dully and some had a shine
The box was filled with ideas and such
There came a point I added too much
The box bled out in rays of light
We put it in a bigger box and locked it tight

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm back/Poem: Fire and Ice

So, as you probably know, I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time, but not anymore. Why? Because I got bored. I will also be changing the name to observations of a wallflower, just because I loved "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." To restart, here's a new poem. :)

I met a boy with eyes like fire
No matter what it burned higher and higher
Everyone fanned the too tall flames
They made him play their stupid games
I got myself burned, he didn't mean to though
I said it was alright, but he said no
He pushed me away and kept burning
While I stood by uneasy and churning
He burned himself up until the fire was out
It all ended with a cry and a shout
When it was gone there was someone new
His eyes where like ice, a cold cold blue
He smirked at me, the same crooked look
I swear for a minute the ground shook
He's the same, yet not at all
He still won't catch me if I fall
He may still not be totally right
But there will always be that light
Sometimes I miss the heat
I miss my frantic pounding heartbeat
I met a boy with fire in his eyes
But at one point I watch the fire die.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poem: Still Breathing

Just in and out
Try not to shout
Keep calm
Press palm to palm
Try not to yell
Stay in a shell
Try not to hear
Ignore the leer
My ears are pounding
They keep hounding
Don't let them see
Their words get too me
Out and in
Block out the din
Don't cry
Force a lie
Bite my tongue
This isn't fun
Fake a smile
Only a while
Don't let it hurt
White knuckles on my shirt

Shake it out

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poem: Goodbye (For now)

I hate goodbye
But this one will do me good
There's no way I'll cry
Don't say I misunderstood
So, goodbye for now
One hell of a show
I should really take a bow
It's not over though
This is just the first act
I can't end it, not yet
My heart's already been hacked
But I won't be your little pet
So, goodbye for just a while
Let you think it's done
Heartbreak is my general style
It's only just begun
I'll see you sometime
Just smile your way
I'll be quiet as a mime
Won't even look at you most days
Goodbye until you understand why
You gotta get that right now
Goodbye until you actually try
Some things I just can't allow
I can't leave you forever
But I need some time without
I'll be distracted with whomever
So, don't sit there and pout
I'm saying goodbye to you
But we'll get back soon
I know you need me too
I'm done with this old tune
No matter what I'll wow
You'll be a little queasy
Goodbye for now
Loves not supposed to be easy