Original Poetry

So, these are just some random poems that I wrote. Hope you like them :)

I fall backwards
You step away
You don't catch me
I'll make you pay
Let's play a game
Whoever wins it
You'll be glad you came
Playing your games
Pretending I don't care
You always cheat
These games are never fair
You're making up as you go along
You don't like my rules
Some are right and some are wrong
Let's play a game
Those are always fun
I'm the moth and you're the flame
It's one battle and a war
We go back and forth
One follows, the other ignores
Let's play a game
It'll be fun
Just ready, fire, aim
Keep going 'till you've won
We both pull out
I win, you lose
And there you pout
I've followed all my cues
Let's play a game
I'm having fun here
Who's to blame?
Let's give a cheer
We hear the winners name
I played your games
You played mine
We both have some claims
Just count down from nine
It's over.
I've won.
Although I guess we're even
When it's all said and done.


I have to be careful with words
They're flitting in my head like a bunch of birds
I say the wrong thing way too often
The looks, leers and chills never soften
I have my boundaries but I forget they're there
Sometimes they might as well be made of air
Other times I crash up against the wall
I walk too proud and then come to a crawl
My own insecurity always holds me back
Other peoples word are all light and mine are pitch black
I talk too much and they tell me to I shouldn't
I talk too little and they say I couldn't
Is it walls or chains?
Do I lose or gain?
I'm stuck in my head and they stuff me back inside
I do something wrong and I just want to hide
I'll stay silent as I can, keep my head down
When they all smile, I'll have a frown
Are they laughing at me?
Is my pain and sadness a source of their glee?
I ignore them and push out what they say
One deep breath and take it day by day
I have my boundaries and I have to respect them
Otherwise I'll be up until two am
I have my chains and I'm not supposed to try and break free
Close my eyes, one, two, three
Here's my line, I can't go to the other side
I can't, after all I've cried
I'm stuck in this place
A prison of glass, where I hide my face
I can't break through
I look fine outside, but on the inside I'm blue
I'll watch what I say
I'll do everything your way
I have my boundaries and I need them all
Over and out of the boundaries I could fall
I don't want to break out
I don't want to scream or shout
I don't want to be helped by you and yours
You've fought enough of your own wars
I'll be more careful next time
I'll hold my tongue like speakings a crime
I know where the line is now
I'll be silent, that I vow.


I can't sleep.
Don't pretend you don't know why.
If you can sleep I hate you even more.
I'm tired, but when I close my eyes I see your eyes.
Not your whole face, just your eyes.
That was the first time I saw you cry.
It will probably be the last.
Hell, it will probably be the last time I see you at all.
I can't sleep.
You would tell me I'm being stupid but stay up and sing me french songs until I fell asleep.
I can't sleep.
You'll probably never even talk to me again, let alone sing me to sleep.
I miss you.
I can't sleep because I miss just knowing I could call you at three in the morning and you would talk to me for hours until I hung up.
I can't sleep.
If I called you at three am now it would be awkward for both of us.
And your new girlfriend.
Does she know?
Does she really know anything about you?
I can't sleep.
And I know you well enough to know that you can't either.
So, that's why I'm calling you at three am.


Surrounded by people but for all intents and purposes
A thousand voices fill the air but it might as well be dead quiet.
A hundred eyes look my way but none of them see me.
Tens of people bump into me but they don't spare a second glance.
A few notice me but don't find anything interesting.
A thousand thoughts and opinions but only one matters. A hundred eyes but only two really see me.
Several who run into me but only one who walks and stops.
A few who notice me but only one who actually notices me.
A billion people.
Then him.
Not so alone.


Whatever this is
Whatever we have
Whatever we had
It can't continue
I can't continue
Whatever you do to not have feelings
Whatever I do to just slightly control them
Whatever I could do
I can't anymore
I can't be as cold as you
Whatever you once were to me
Whatever I once was to you
Whatever we were together
I can't be that girl
I can't see you as that boy
Whatever would save this
Whatever you suggest
Whatever we both know will work
I can't do this anymore
I can't do any of this anymore
I can't fight for you
When I shouldn't have to
I can't be brave enough to work hard for this
I can't be weak enough to need this
I can't
I can't
I can't
I can't
But if I could
I would.


In the tower she waits Deep, deep inside
Buried and silent but so much alive
No words can escape and neither can she
She has no choice
She cannot flee
She is stifled and silent
She cannot speak
Nothing comes out
Not one little squeak
This feeling of suffocation
Like a spike in the heart
Splintering her
Tearing her apart
Tale untold
Words unheard
It's not a happy ending
No fairytale here
All that's left is her
And her fear
You confuse me to no end I don't understand you at all
One minute you'll catch me
And the next you'll let me fall
You're here one minute
Gone the next
You can't stop talking to me
But then you don't even send a text
Why do I try?
You leave me broken
I wanna cry because of the words unspoken
Should I tell you to leave me alone
Or should I pick up the phone
Do you do it on purpose or is it just who you are
One minute you're close
And the next you're far
Do you know what you do to me? Do you even care?
You're like a little boy, who needs to learn how to share.
The stage is lit
But the audience is dark The fuse is waiting for a single spark
The tension rises and everything stills
No sound is made and the silence kills
A door opens slightly and light slithers through the cracks
The darkness only now reveals all that it lacks
A small breath of movement
And a wordless whisper
The audience gasps as the hero kissed her
It's a fraud, a fake!
It doesn't end that way!
It lies with the tune that it will all be okay
The first and last word has been said
The total sum of all the lies that have been fed
The villain has one and there the hero lies
The lingering whisps of a dying goodbye.
Not every ever after is happy.
No ending is the same.
A fantasy can't be real.
It was all just a game.
This started once upon a time, but you controlled the ending.
I'm not a princess anymore than you're a prince.
All that happened cannot be fixed by any amount of mending.
This story sucks, if I do say so myself.
This book should just stay on the shelf.
Not every ever after is happy.
They don't all end in smiles.
Sometimes these things just don't last the miles.
So I won't end this that way.
Riding off into the sunset won't end this day.
So, it won't end resolved.
There isn't a clear villain.
No hero was involved.
So, it isn't a happy ending, just to make that clear.
This is goodbye, it ends with no cheer.
This is not supposed to happen.
I was supposed to be forgotten.
I was supposed to be lost amongst a sea of faces.
Not always on his mind.
Not a constant memory.
This is not supposed to be happening.
I was supposed to be nearly invisible.
I was supposed to not be missed.
Not seen by him every day.
Not creating a gaping hole when I left.
This is not supposed to happen
I was supposed to leave without a second thought.
I was supposed to miss no one and have no one miss me.
Not think about him and pause.
Not be interrupted by him and stopped.
This is not supposed to be happening.
He's not supposed to care.
I'm lying, can't you see?
I'm dying, all of this is killing me.
I'm breaking, this is tearing me in two.
I'm shattering, and there's nothing anyone can do.
I'm leaving, but I keep looking back.
I'm dull, most people have a light that I lack.
I'm hurting, most of it caused by you.
I'm not okay, if only they knew.
I'm screaming, but not being heard at all.
I'm lifted up high, and then forced to fall.
I'm trying to be heard, but it's not coming through.
I'm feeling pain, but it's nothing new.
I'm trying to fight, but the words sting.
I'm falling, and I don't have wings.
I'm almost gone, and I don't want to go.
I'm saying yes, and I'm saying no.
I'm giving up all too soon
I don't care what feelings are between us because I just need some feelings.
Love me
Hate me
Stop me
I don't care if you love me because I'm too numb to return it
Love me
Hate me
Stop me
I don't care if you hate me because I hate myself
Love me
Hate me
Stop me
I don't care if you stop me because it's too little too late
If you even get here I'll be long gone already at this rate
Love me
Hate me
Stop me
It doesn't matter which one because you can't change the past
No matter what I did I couldn't make the lie last
Decieving you flew by all too fast
Love me
Hate me
Stop me
At least don't forget me because I can't stand that
Just choose one of those three no matter what game you're playing at
Love me
Hate me
Stop me
I don't care if you stop me because I'm simply out of time
The clock reaches midnight and there goes the chime
Love me
Hate me
Stop me
I don't care if you hate me because I don't blame you if you do
If you don't hate me you should really get a clue
Love me
Hate me
Stop me
I don't care if you love me because you won't for very long
Not matter what you say your heart isn't very strong
Love me
Hate me
Stop me
I'd like to make myself believe that everything will be okay.
I'd like to make the world believe I should not be forgotten.
I'd like to make my friends believe that I'm worth keeping around.
I'd like to make myself believe that I can make everything okay.
I'd like to make myself believe that I will not be forgotten.
I'd like to make myself believe that my friends are truly my friends.
I'd like to make myself believe that I don't have to stress.
I believe that I can change the world.
I believe that my friends and I will always be friends
I believe that I can make myself be remembered.
I believe that I can make belief become fact
Cross my heart and hope to die
I honestly don't tell that many lies
Cross my heart and hope to die
Yeah, sure of course I can look you in the eye
Cross my heart and hope to die
No, this is not my goodbye
Cross my heart and hope to die
There is no way I like that guy
Cross my heart and hope to die
With all of my lies, just please don't pry
Cross my heart and hope to die
At first I act just a little bit too shy
Cross my heart and hope to die
In the end I'm just a little bit too sly
Cross my heart and hope to die
Whatever happens all that matters is I try
Cross my heart and hope to die
Don't just stand there and keep asking why
Cross my heart and hope to die
No matter the rule I will always defy
Cross my heart and hope to die
Yes, I'll totally reply
Cross my heart and hope to die
Which ones are true and which ones are lies?
His eyes are blue.
Almost perfect, but not really.
His hair is dark brown.
Almsot perfect, but not exactly.
His hair is always perfect and flat.
Almost perfect, but not quite.
His smile is perfect and straight.
Almost perfect, but not truly.
His jokes are always perfect.
Almost perfect, but not funny.
His nickname for me is perfect.
Almost perfect, but not right.
What's perfect?
Brown eyes.
Black hair.
Permanent bed head.
A smirk, not a smile.
Cheesy jokes that have bad timing.
And calling me Clutz.
Thats perfect.
My life doesn't have to be perfect, I don't have to be perfect, the world doesn't have to be perfect.
But I always had one thing that was perfect.
Why did I throw away perfection?

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