Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poem: Still Breathing

Just in and out
Try not to shout
Keep calm
Press palm to palm
Try not to yell
Stay in a shell
Try not to hear
Ignore the leer
My ears are pounding
They keep hounding
Don't let them see
Their words get too me
Out and in
Block out the din
Don't cry
Force a lie
Bite my tongue
This isn't fun
Fake a smile
Only a while
Don't let it hurt
White knuckles on my shirt

Shake it out

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poem: Goodbye (For now)

I hate goodbye
But this one will do me good
There's no way I'll cry
Don't say I misunderstood
So, goodbye for now
One hell of a show
I should really take a bow
It's not over though
This is just the first act
I can't end it, not yet
My heart's already been hacked
But I won't be your little pet
So, goodbye for just a while
Let you think it's done
Heartbreak is my general style
It's only just begun
I'll see you sometime
Just smile your way
I'll be quiet as a mime
Won't even look at you most days
Goodbye until you understand why
You gotta get that right now
Goodbye until you actually try
Some things I just can't allow
I can't leave you forever
But I need some time without
I'll be distracted with whomever
So, don't sit there and pout
I'm saying goodbye to you
But we'll get back soon
I know you need me too
I'm done with this old tune
No matter what I'll wow
You'll be a little queasy
Goodbye for now
Loves not supposed to be easy