Sunday, July 8, 2012

Poem: Pick up the phone

You if I needed to I could talk to you, but you aren't picking up the phone.
I just need you.
I need you to tell me not to do it.
I need you to tell me the reason.
The three word reason I'm still here at all.
Why I'm still alive.
Other people tell it to me but it only matters when you say it.
You don't know how big an effect it has.
You don't know that it stops me from.
I don't even have to ask, you always say it.
You've said it to my face, in a note, and in a text.
But you're not texting back now.
Even hello would do, I just need to talk to you.
Please pick up the phone.
I really need you right now.
At least tell me why you're not able to talk to me.
At least tell me what I did wrong.
Please pick up the phone.
I need something.
I have some much falling apart and breaking.
Please tell me I still have you.
I have been trying to fight it and the only thing that keeps me going is you.
I can't fight anymore.
I can't without you.

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