Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poem: Goodbye (For now)

I hate goodbye
But this one will do me good
There's no way I'll cry
Don't say I misunderstood
So, goodbye for now
One hell of a show
I should really take a bow
It's not over though
This is just the first act
I can't end it, not yet
My heart's already been hacked
But I won't be your little pet
So, goodbye for just a while
Let you think it's done
Heartbreak is my general style
It's only just begun
I'll see you sometime
Just smile your way
I'll be quiet as a mime
Won't even look at you most days
Goodbye until you understand why
You gotta get that right now
Goodbye until you actually try
Some things I just can't allow
I can't leave you forever
But I need some time without
I'll be distracted with whomever
So, don't sit there and pout
I'm saying goodbye to you
But we'll get back soon
I know you need me too
I'm done with this old tune
No matter what I'll wow
You'll be a little queasy
Goodbye for now
Loves not supposed to be easy


  1. Brought tears to my eyes

  2. Hi. This poem is simply beautiful. I love ur works, whether on FF, or ur blogs. I was wonderin whether u would mind checkin my blogs out n tell me how to improve! I am a buddin writer, sooo...anyway, thx n keep it up! :)