Sunday, April 15, 2012

At one with the wall

It's totally natural to be pretty much invisible. If your hair isn't bleached blonde, you don't cover your face in a inch thick of makeup, or you don't like gossiping about how so-and-so finally got together with whats-his-face, then you tend to blend into the background. It's not strange, in fact there are lots of people who are just sort of there, but they go unnoticed. The problem is we tend to ignore other people who go on ignored. We think that they would just ignore us too, but if we just try hanging out with them we would not be so invisible. But most of us just sort of hide. We sink into the chair we're sitting in, or we become at one with the wall that's behind us and only lift up our heads to answer a question when the teacher picks us to make sure we're paying attention. And then there are our friends who are able to pry us away from the wall or get us up from the chair and make us feel seen. But we're still invisible to popular people and we still might as well not exist when it comes to boys. Phooey.

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