Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To hell with hypothetical

I've been doing a series of hypothetical situations, but we all know they're real, and it's gotten so confusing that I'm just gonna drop the hypothetical and Person A and Person B. I like a guy, he may like me back, I thought that another guy liked me, but it turns out he likes my best friend and now another guy is in the mix. Person B will now be referred to as KJ and Person C will be referred to as MS and the new guy will be AY. Understood? I'll assume that's a yes. So today in class it was like KJ and AY were both trying to get my attention. KJ kept whispering and asked to borrow one of my quote books, and AY kept reading over my shoulder and reading my book out loud. I hit him on the head with my book. And laughed. He shrugged and smirked. He seems to be always smirking. I might have a crush on AY, but I've liked KJ longer and KJ has glasses. KJ looks hot with glasses.

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