Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poem: Up and Down

You confuse me to no end.
I don't understand you at all.
One minute you'll catch me and the next you'll let me fall.
You're here one minute, gone the next.
You can't stop talking to me but then you don't even send a text.
Why do I try?
You leave me broken.
I wanna cry because of words unspoken.
Should I tell you to leave me alone?
Or should I pick up the phone?
Do you do it on purpose or is it just who you are?
One minute you're close and the next you're far.
Do you know what you do to me?
Do you even care?
You're like a little boy who needs to learn how to share.


  1. I really love all your poems and you just have such a distinct style to writing them.

  2. Is this aimed at a friend? One who's disappointed you? If so I understand how you feel. I was really close friends with a girl in my year for about 3 years, we did everything together. Then suddenly another girl came along. She was closer to the 'popular' kids, she knew the right people. She became friends with my friend, and suddenly I wasn't wanted anymore. I spent all my breaks and lunches in the library because if I sat with them I felt left out and like they were laughing at me. Then she would ask why I was unsociable and didn't talk to her anymore. I didn't want to tell her it was her fault. One day, she just stopped talking to me. I've ignored her ever since. We are in different classes and I have built a new life with new friends. Often I feel like they don't like me either, but I wonder, what does it matter. I'm happiest alone. Friends are a mirage to stop people calling you a loner. The person I've felt closest to as a friend lives a 3 hour car journey away, the opposite side of England, but I can text her, and I get by.

    Sorry for giving you my life story... I didn't mean to when I started out! I love your poems, they often express exactly what I'm feeling... Or something I have felt in the past.

    Keep writing these, I find it helps to release my emotions in poems or songs.