Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poem: Boundaries Pt. 2

I need to keep my words locked up tight
No matter what they always have to fight
Everything I say seems to comes out wrong
My words are too short or too long
I speak too quietly or too quickly
I try to be kind but it comes out prickly
I mess up on everything that I do
I've finally decided I'm done, I'm through
I'm giving up on even trying
So, I'll just stop with all of my lying
No, I'm not even near okay
All these colors just fade to grey
I have to stay inside the lines
All these things just undermine
I just have to stay silent
My frustration can get violent
I'll just keep my head bowed
Work to blend in with the crowd
I can't deal with this trouble
All my happiness just turns to rubble
I'm falling apart, breaking at the seams
Can really nobody hear my screams?
I just feel like I'm drowning all alone
Nobody saves me and I sink like a stone
Just pull my out, break me free
Comes and save me, then let me be


  1. This is so sad. I love the lines 'I try to be kind but it comes out prickly' and 'No, I'm not even near okay, All these colors just fade to grey'. Your poems make me feel so much emotion, and so often correspond to what I'm feeling. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Love the part about drowning and screaming completely relatable.