Saturday, July 7, 2012

Poem: Don't

Don't speak it
Don't say it
Pretend it's not true
It's breaking
It's cracking
This is coming unglued
Don't believe it
Don't think it
All's easier that way
It' painful
It's hurting
But it'll be over one day
Don't do anything
Don't say anything
This is all too fresh
It's there
It's permanent
This is imprinted in flesh
Don't remember it later
Don't dwell on the past
It'll just keep you back
It's a prison
It's chains
Your mind could crack
Don't fix it
Don't help it
You'll break too
It's shattered
It's flawed
Thoughts all black and blue
Don't make me remember
Don't let me forget
I need to leave it behind
It's a curse to carry
It's a blessing to hate
It crawls and creeps inside my mind
I can forget and so I will
But right now, my pain could kill.


  1. Your poems are beyond your years!

  2. This is so beautiful, and tense and... Wel,=l, it's amazing, love the rhythm built up in the first part. Keep writing these.