Thursday, July 5, 2012

Poem: Games

I fall backwards
You step away
You don't catch me
I'll make you pay
Let's play a game
Whoever wins it
You'll be glad you came
Playing your games
Pretending I don't care
You always cheat
These games are never fair
You're making up as you go along
You don't like my rules
Some are right and some are wrong
Let's play a game
Those are always fun
I'm the moth and you're the flame
It's one battle and a war
We go back and forth
One follows, the other ignores
Let's play a game
It'll be fun
Just ready, fire, aim
Keep going 'till you've won
We both pull out
I win, you lose
And there you pout
I've followed all my cues
Let's play a game
I'm having fun here
Who's to blame?
Let's give a cheer
We hear the winners name
I played your games
You played mine
We both have some claims
Just count down from nine
It's over.
I've won.
Although I guess we're even
When it's all said and done.


  1. This one had a more different feel from the others it kind of felt lighter. Great job!