Friday, July 20, 2012

Poem: Us

It's stupid
It's brilliant
It's worst and it's best
It's chaotic
It's organized
It's awake and at rest
It's perfect
It's painful
It's a curse and a blessing
It's rising
It's falling
It's knowing and guessing
It hurts you
It kills me
It makes us feel whole
It's hate
it's love
It's hot and it's cold
We make it
We break it
We fall apart
It's funny
It's serious
It's crazy and it's smart
It's strange
It's normal
It doesn't make sense
I'm broken
I'm fixed
It's relaxed and it's tense
It can break
It can fix
It can make the world quake
You rock the earth when you hug me near
You make me blush when you call me dear
I get you to smile when you want to cry
I make you feel better even if I have to lie
What happens, will happen no matter what we do
Someday it won't be me and you
It will be you and some nameless girl
Who's prettier and seems like a pearl
You'll forget me and not spare a glance
Right now I'm just taking a chance
You might end us first, and I can't bear it
So, right now I'm just gonna quit
That was us, but it won't always be
That can't be changed with just a plea
This hurts me as much as you
Just understand I have to


  1. Aw. Made me cry, it was that emotional. Thanks for posting this. (It's a good thing it made me cry...).


  2. Every word filled with Emotion!