Monday, February 13, 2012

Invisible, but still writing

On any giving day a school cafeteria is loud. Extremely loud. The kind of loud that makes a yell the equivalent of a whisper. Shahala is a whole different kind of loud. The loudness at Shahala middle school during lunch goes to eleven. If you understood that reference I congratulate you, because 90% percent of the kids at Shahala have no clue what that is a reference to. In the ten percent that would understand, are my friends, fremenies, and acquaintances. In other words, the nerds. My friends are the people who are awesome and smart, and will go on to become writers, artists, scientists, engineers, doctors, etc. However, we are in middle school right now, and for people like us, middle school sucks. For girls, popularity is based on how much make up you can plaster on your face, and how straight you can get your hair. And, of course, how blonde you are. 87% of the girls at my school who are “popular” have blonde hair, or blonde highlights. The funny thing is that the “popular” girls are hated by the non-populars. All of us have been made fun of, or bullied by them, or simply treated like we’re invisible. On the fist day of middle school it’s supposed to be a fresh start, new school, new friends. But then when you get to school you realize that you don’t have a chance of becoming one of the “populars” because you didn’t know about the fad that started over the summer, you don’t wear globs of make up, and you like to talk about books and school instead of the newest brand of nail polish. So, you hang out with other people who go to the library during lunch, and who are a lot like you. Then a little less than halfway through the year, after your friend told a joke about what would happen if Katniss Everdeen and Hermione Granger got into a fight, you realize that being a nerd is kind of awesome.

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