Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poem: Boundaries

I have to be careful with words
They're flitting in my head like a bunch of birds
I say the wrong thing way too often
The looks, leers and chills never soften
I have my boundaries but I forget they're there
Sometimes they might as well be made of air
Other times I crash up against the wall
I walk too proud and then come to a crawl
My own insecurity always holds me back
Other peoples word are all light and mine are pitch black
I talk too much and they tell me to I shouldn't
I talk too little and they say I couldn't
Is it walls or chains?
Do I lose or gain?
I'm stuck in my head and they stuff me back inside
I do something wrong and I just want to hide
I'll stay silent as I can, keep my head down
When they all smile, I'll have a frown
Are they laughing at me?
Is my pain and sadness a source of their glee?
I ignore them and push out what they say
One deep breath and take it day by day
I have my boundaries and I have to respect them
Otherwise I'll be up until two am
I have my chains and I'm not supposed to try and break free
Close my eyes, one, two, three
Here's my line, I can't go to the other side
I can't, after all I've cried
I'm stuck in this place
A prison of glass, where I hide my face
I can't break through
I look fine outside, but on the inside I'm blue
I'll watch what I say
I'll do everything your way
I have my boundaries and I need them all
Over and out of the boundaries I could fall
I don't want to break out
I don't want to scream or shout
I don't want to be helped by you and yours
You've fought enough of your own wars
I'll be more careful next time
I'll hold my tongue like speakings a crime
I know where the line is now
I'll be silent, that I vow.


  1. Wow. Just Wow. I'm running out of words to describe your poems.

  2. This is really good, and captures how I often feel when I say something and am ridiculed for my opinion. Often people at school can be so harsh, and you just have to sink into the background and pretend you don't care.

    It is an amazing poem.