Saturday, June 30, 2012

Poem: Losing sleep

I can't sleep.
Don't pretend you don't know why.
If you can sleep I hate you even more.
I'm tired, but when I close my eyes I see your eyes.
Not your whole face, just your eyes.
That was the first time I saw you cry.
It will probably be the last.
Hell, it will probably be the last time I see you at all.
I can't sleep.
You would tell me I'm being stupid but stay up and sing me french songs until I fell asleep.
I can't sleep.
You'll probably never even talk to me again, let alone sing me to sleep.
I miss you.
I can't sleep because I miss just knowing I could call you at three in the morning and you would talk to me for hours until I hung up.
I can't sleep.
If I called you at three am now it would be awkward for both of us.
And your new girlfriend.
Does she know?
Does she really know anything about you?
I can't sleep.
And I know you well enough to know that you can't either.
So, that's why I'm calling you at three am.

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  1. Excellent the whole way through!