Friday, March 16, 2012


We make assumptions every day about ourselves and other people, and they affect everything we do. People make assumptions about us and we find ourselves changing to fit that assumption. It's very common to think that we should just listen to what we think of ourselves, but the thing is we also need to hear what other people think. Two different people could have completely different opinions about you, and you should hear both of those opinions and your own. If we block out what others think we end up either loving ourselves or hating ourselves, thinking we're ugly or we're beautiful. We need to hear all the voices, thoughts, spoken and unspoken and focus on the ones that are saying something relevant. A snobby girl saying that you should get your nose out of the book doesn't matter, but a close friend saying you shouldn't let the snobby girl push you down like that does matter. Everyone makes assumptions and so they assume they know someone without having even spoken to them. People in your class may look at you and see a nerd who probably listens to Mozart, but your friends would know that you listen to rap. Your classmates look at you and assume you want to go to Harvard college, but you know that you want to go to Juliard.

"The only one who's ever known who I am, who I'm not, and who I wanna be."
-Where were you by The Fray

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  1. That's very interesting, and a very good point. Oh, but the quote from The Fray is from the song You Found Me, not Where were you.