Sunday, March 18, 2012

My pitiful attempt at poetry

So, my friend dared me to write a poem and post it on here so...yeah. Here it is:

The stage is lit, but the audience is dark.
The fuse is waiting for a single spark.
The tension rises and everything stills.
No sound is made and the silence kills.
A door opens slightly, and light slithers through the cracks.
The darkness only now reveals all that it lacks.
A small breath of movement and a wordless whisper.
The audience gasps as the hero kissed her.
It's a fraud, a fake, it doesn't end that way.
It lies with the tune that it will all be okay.
The first and last word has been said, and this is where the story has led.
The villain has won and there the hero lies.
The lingering whisps of a dying goodbye.


  1. That was actually really good, even though you called it pitiful. I really liked it. I've only ever written one poem that I was really proud of, and that was an Italian Sonnet I had to write for English class.

    Nice Job!

  2. I can't believe you call this pitiful. You have amazing talent, and you shouldn't hide it! Try writing more poetry, you could load it onto FanFic or other sites, and see what reviewers think. I am a great fan of your work, and I think your poetry skills, as demonstrated above, are even better than your prose. Don't automatically think that just because some people look down on poetry as boring you can't write good poems. The poem above really shows emotion.
    I apologise for the mini essay. In short, I loved it!