Saturday, March 17, 2012


Lets say that there is a hypothetical person, called...Person A. Person A is gone from school quite a bit and she assumes that people don't pay much attention because she considers herself a frumpy potato-faced loser. But one day a boy, Person B, says that if she had missed one more day of school he was considering throwing her desk out of the window. Now every time Person A misses some school the next day Person B says some comment about it. Whether it's, "Well, look who decided to come to school," or "Why do you miss so much school." Person A either replies with a shrug or she makes a sarcastic remark. But Person B then suddenly doesn't make any comments about it, or even acknowledge that Person A exists. This is of course a hypothetical situation. But could it be possible that Person B kinda sorta likes Person A?

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  1. Gah, BOYS! Who can possible understand them? Based on this "hypothetical" situation, I would say that Person B DOES in fact like Person A, and is ignoring Person A because he is mad that Person A is not responding in any way that states that Person A returns Person B's feelings.

    Hypothetically, I mean. :)