Saturday, June 9, 2012

Poem: Short of perfect

His eyes are blue.
Almost perfect, but not really.
His hair is dark brown.
Almsot perfect, but not exactly.
His hair is always perfect and flat.
Almost perfect, but not quite.
His smile is perfect and straight.
Almost perfect, but not truly.
His jokes are always perfect.
Almost perfect, but not funny.
His nickname for me is perfect.
Almost perfect, but not right.
What's perfect?
Brown eyes.
Black hair.
Permanent bed head.
A smirk, not a smile.
Cheesy jokes that have bad timing.
And calling me Clutz.
Thats perfect.
My life doesn't have to be perfect, I don't have to be perfect, the world doesn't have to be perfect.
But I always had one thing that was perfect.
Why did I throw away perfection?


  1. Awww!
    This is beautiful. Is the 'perfection' she threw away another guy? One she loved before?
    This reminds me of Taylor Swift's song 'The Way I Loved You'. =D I love your poems.

  2. I think almost everyone can relate to trying to be perfect at some point or another.