Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Poem: Lost

I'm not lost
I just don't know where I'm going
What's on my path isn't quite showing
Whether I hit the moon or bump elbows with a star
Wherever I go, I know I'll go far
My path keeps changing, shifting in front of me
The path is blocked, the door is locked
But I'll always find the key
If you want a happy ending it depends on where you stop your story
If you end it wonderfully or if you end it poorly
There's a beginning and an end
There's a foe and a friend
Go where you may, see what you please
You'll be led there by yourlegs and by your knees
When a story stops a new one starts
We all have to find and play our parts
Drop a heart, break a name
Just try and be the winner of the game.


  1. The last 2 were my favorite poems yet. Please please please keep writing more!

  2. Love your poems as always. Have you thought about sending some off on a competition? You might get your name well known.