Saturday, June 16, 2012

Poem: The last day

It's a little odd, to be leaving so soon
I'd lie and say I'm sad, but honestly I'm over the moon
Somethings I'll miss, just a tiny lil bit
But most of what's here is all just sh**
I hate you, you, and you
Oh, yes, I hate you too
Leaving here will be such a relief
This place sucks, is my firm belief
I'll take a deep breath, focus on the good
Should I say I love this place? I would if I could
I hate this school with a fury!
Even if my memories are a bit blurry
So, I don't remember most of your names
And no I didn't play many games
I wasn't a part of the teasing and taunts
I didn't show off or at all flaunt
and I'm glad it's done.
Cause over all, I've won.


  1. Pleased to be leaving school? Sounds like you feel the same as I did about my last one... 'Yes, At last that's over! The torture is at an end'. And it wasn't the school, as such, it was the people there, the not fitting in. It got better when I came to my current school, there are more people and so you don't get noticed as much, sometimes I feel like I'm not an individual, I'm just part of the crowd, and I welcome that feeling. Suddenly I'm not different, not the loser no one cares about. I hope it gets easier next year in sixth form, not harder.
    Enjoy being free!

  2. Some ones sure happy about summer. I feel the same way.